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FreedomPop is a scam operation and the only solution is to scam the scammers. Use PayPal to order the phone and then immediately discontinued automatic billing for this unethical company.

That being said, FreedomPop is now unable to charge for services that you did not order and that they did not deliver which seems to be their business model by the way. After receiving the phone and activating service then switch to the free plan. They will charge $10 which you will pay for with PayPal and then immediately after once again delete the auto pay that you have just agreed to once more. Wait a month and then contact PayPal and tell them that you purchased service that was not provided as that is the truth since you have not used any of the $10 stolen from you and then PayPal will refund the $10.

I bought three phones and paid three $10 payments through PayPal and then had those refunded. FreedomPop will not even answer the complaint with PayPal so you automatically win and FreedomPop has no further access to your money. now you have truly free although very Limited cell service. Just a little tip, when the phone won't work which will happen quite often there is a solution.

Just connect to Wi-Fi for one or two minutes and then turn Wi-Fi off now your phone that was not operating will operate. it is always fun to scam the scammer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Freedompop Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Unfortunately, now you will soon lose your service since they cut it off as soon as you go over the limit. Those phones you bought are locked to FreedomPOP so they will only be good on wi-fi...with a different phone app (hangouts, etc.)

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